Digital Publishing Platform Comparison

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Whether you want to inform or entertain, you will find that you are capable of achieving this through distributing your writing through various media. In the past, this desire would have been satisfied with the printing of a newsletter, booklet, comic or similar.

However, now that we are in the age of the internet,this can be undertaken digitally and makes it much easier to share information.

As part of the process of sharing content on a digital basis, it will be necessary to decide which method to use.  This means considering how you want the content to be used and which will be most convenient for your readers. Besides this, it will also be necessary to consider how you will conduct operation of the platform that holds the published content.

In many cases, when someone is writing an article, they will often start by drafting it as a Word document, which can then be transferred to elsewhere later. Due to the fact that the document will be complete at this stage, it will be tempting to share the content as a Word document.

Though this is a free method of distributing content and is easy to draft and edit, it is also limiting as it may not be able to be viewed on all devices. A simple Word document is just that – simple – and does not offer the level of professionalism that can be expected from someone who is serious about publishing in a digital format.

A PowerPoint presentation is suitable in certain circumstances, such as directly presenting to an audience, which allows it to be effectively used as a guide. This becomes less effective if it is simply sent to followers as it is without the context of the presenter fleshing out the details. Similarly, it can also be restrictive as it will not be able to be viewed on all devices.

Converting a Word document or PowerPoint presentation into a PDF document may seem like an effective solution that will allow content to be shared digitally. However, this also has limited benefits, especially when it comes to long documents. A PDF document, like others, will provide information in a straight, continuous manner. Use of these forms of digital publishing platforms will mean it is necessary to scroll through an extensive amount of images and text in order to find something that you want, which is highly aggravating when you are using a document for reference and want to find a particular article, for example.

Posting a blog is a popular way to share information and the number of platforms that enable this means that it can be easy to create a suitable blog that allows you to create digital content that can be read by many people.

This method also benefits from being able to be used for free, with many blogging platforms being easy to use. However, to use these, you will still be required to have an internet connection as will the readers of the blog as it will only be able to be accessed online.

This method will also require maintenance as you may get comments that will require moderation or a response to the post. In addition, you will be beholden to the company that runs the blog, so you will need to comply with any changes that they request.

The problems that can arise through the use of many digital publishing platforms can be avoided with the use of Yumpu. From this website, you will be able to turn your content into a flip book that can be published in a comparable manner to that of other publishing platforms. Though it can be comparable, the publishing of flip books can offer several benefits that are not available through other publishing platforms.

You can set up a free account on Yumpu from which you will be able to create flip books that offer a range of benefits that make them ideal for sharing digital content. The account can be accessed whenever you want with the use of your password, which will allow you to create further flip books whenever you require. The simple process starts by uploading a PDF of the content that you are seeking to publish.

Once it is created, a flip book does not require you to gain online access in order to view it and it requires nothing more than a device with sufficient battery power. There is also no danger of it being able to be edited by a third party, like a Word document, as it can only be viewed by the reader.

Following the successful upload of the PDF, the simple process continues by applying a category that is suitable to the theme of the document.

A flip book is easy to create and requires a PDF to be uploaded via the website, where it can then be subject to any adjustments necessary to create an ideal result. This can include adding other media content that will enhance the readability of the content and will impress your readers who are more likely to come back and enjoy any other content that you publish. Images, sound and video can be embedded into the flip book where it is appropriate.

The media added can help to create professional content in a manner that will not be possible with other forms of digital publishing platform.

The pleasure of a flip book comes from the fact that it will not require the reader to scroll through an entire document to get from the beginning to the end. Instead, a flip book will mimic the pages of an actual book or magazine and flip back and forth with only a touch of the finger.

The border and the clarity of the pages will come from the original PDF and any adjustments and will make the content easy to read.

In order to successfully create worthwhile, professional digital content, the use of flip books via Yumpu is the best way to go.

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