How To Create A Flipbook

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Flipbooks are a great way to draw attention to your website, your business, and your products.  They are an aesthetically pleasing way of displaying exactly what you have to offer to an audience that might not have found you otherwise.

It’s important to note that flipbooks are the preferred search format through most of the most vital search engines, which means that they are optimised and will draw new people in. Not only that, you can embed your flipbook into your website, or share it via your social media accounts.

The visual aspect of flipbooks is important. When you consider that including a picture in your advert gives it a 94% chance of getting a click (source), you can see just how much of a difference it can make.


So how do you go about creating your very own flipbook?


There are many free websites available to you, to help you create a flipbook, and one of the easiest is Yumpu. Using that website, you can upload your very own flipbook in only a few very simple steps.

The first thing that you need to do is create your free account:


Then – as you can see on the image above – Yumpu offers an extremely easy to use upload system. All you need to do is click on the ‘Start Upload’ button, find the relevant file on your computer, and Yumpu will do the rest for you.


The result will be something beautiful, as you can clearly see from the examples used on the website:



Once you have uploaded your magazine, you can then set about editing it in a way that ensures the end product is exactly what you want it to be. All you will need to do is click on the ‘Edit Magazine’ button to be taken to the right page.

The first thing that you will need to do is get all the relevant settings correct:


This is the title, the description, and the tags that will make your flipbook more discoverable. Yumpu will draw some out of the text included in your magazine, but you can change these to suit your needs.

Further down the page, you will be given the option to add multimedia to your magazine. To play about with this, simply click on the ‘Add Page Element To Your Magazine’.


This will take you to a brand new page:


Where you will be given a range of options on the menu on the left hand side of the screen.







Once you have selected the option that you wish to play around with, you need to highlight the area of your magazine which you wish to feature that element, and then you will be presented with a range of options down the right hand side of the screen.


If you get stuck on anything whilst editing your flipbook, there is a dedicated expert support team which you can live chat with at any time. All you need to do is click on the speech bubble symbol with a question mark in it, in the right hand bottom corner of the screen.



Once you have gotten everything exactly as you want it, click on the ‘Open Magazine’ option, found on the menu along the top of the screen, which will open a new tab for you.



You can then click to read your magazine, to check that everything is exactly as you want it. As you will see, along the bottom of the screen, you can then go on to share, embed, or download your magazine, getting the readers that you need.

Once your magazine has been uploaded, if you need to go on to make any further changes or to delete your magazine, you can click on the ‘Document Manager’ option found along the top of the screen, which will give you all the further options that you need.


Of course, as with anything the best way to learn about Yumpu is to explore and experiment yourself. Many, many businesses have found positive results from both the free and the paid account, so the best thing that you can do is to give it a try – who knows what results will come from it.


What can you include to make your flipbook stand out?


There are a number of features available to you, and if you use them all to your advantage, the end result of your flipbook will be absolutely amazing. These include:


  • Text – of course the first place to start is text – you will need to explain what your product and business is about. You can use different fonts, different sizes, and different styles to get attention. You can also include expandable captions so that readers can only see the information that interests them, making the experience much more personalised.
  • Images – you need some amazing images to attract readers, and to keep their interest. Just be sure that they are taken by a professional so that the right message about your business and products is being displayed.
  • Video – including some video clips is a great way to show readers a little more about what your do. According to Hubspot, a video has an 80% conversion rate – which is one of the highest around. Ignoring this could cause you to miss out on a massive portion of the market… and you don’t want them to end up turning to your competitors!
  • Audio – audio clips are also great for something a little different, and a bit more interactive. The more that your magazine grabs the attention of its readers, the more likely they will be to remember you – and when it comes to marketing, getting people to know your name is half of the battle!
  • Links – when reading an online flipbook, hyperlinks can be included to take the reader to the relevant website or online story right away as they’re reading. This means information can’t be forgotten later on. The average attention span when looking online is only four seconds long, so chances are people won’t bother to look for your products later on – even if it’s something that they really liked!
  • Search engine optimisation – we all know how important search engines are to the ‘discoverability’ of our website, and flipbooks are a preferred format for all the major searching tools. You just need to do some research to check that you’re using the right key SEO words to lead readers to your flipbook. The initial time and effort that this will take you will pay off in the long run.
  • Social media integration – not only can you embed your flipbook into your website, you can also add them to your Facebook page – reaching even more readers. This also gives you the opportunity to get instant feedback from your fans, and if it’s really positive you can take advantage of a paid boost to reach an even bigger audience. . According to Digital Trends, American’s check their various accounts 17 times a day, which is all time that they could be looking at your online flipbook!
  • Multi Level Zoom – readers can have the exact view they want with ease, which isn’t always possible with other forms of advertising. This personalised approach can be really useful to certain readers, and may draw people to you.
  • Mobile friendly – with the majority of online research being done using a mobile phone – 52.7% according to research done by Statistica – having a method that works well with this technology is a great way to reach more people. Once you have created your magazine, you will want to test it on a number of devices to check that it looks exactly as you want it to.
  • Easy download and print function – if one of your readers wants to keep your flipbook with them, there are a number of really simple ways to do this. You may wish to do this yourself first, to confirm that it still looks exactly as you want it to once it has been printed.
  • Language – readers can also choose what language they read the flipbook in, allowing you to target a worldwide audience. Allowing this feature to be activated means that your flipbook might draw in customers that you hadn’t even considered.
  • Google Analytics – you can find out just how many people are looking at your material, and from where, giving you a much better idea of who you should be marketing to. This market research can lead you to doing much more targeted advertising in the future, getting you more for your money.
  • Unlimited pages per magazine – leaving you with the freedom to do what you need to, not having to worry about restrictions. On top of this, you can also upload an unlimited number of flipbooks! Once you have discovered the joy of online magazines, you may never wish to stop.

The more that you use, the better experience reading your flipbook will be, so try everything and watch the results roll in.

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