We are a leading provider in digital technology, with software to create the most aesthetically pleasing flipbooks out there. We have focused all of our attention, effort and development in creating the most attractive, easy to use and sharable flipbooks available. All you need to do to create your own flipbook is to upload your PDF file – we do the rest for you. Even if you aren’t an expert at technology, you will find our website simple, and accessible to use.

The benefits of using a system like this for your newsletters, magazines, or catalogues, rather than a standard PDF include:

  • Links – when reading an online flipbook, hyperlinks can be included to take the reader to the relevant link right away, as they’re reading. This means information can’t be forgotten later on.
  • Easy to use – Flipbooks are much easier to navigate than PDF files. A table of contents can be included at the beginning, allowing the reader to go to whatever section they wish.
  • Search engine optimisation – we all know how important search engines are to the ‘discoverability’ of our websites, and flipbooks are a preferred format for all the major searching tools.
  • Social media integration – not only can you embed your flipbook into your website, you can also add them to your Facebook page and other social media accounts – reaching even more readers.
  • Look great – and of course, they look amazing! The flipbooks are a unique feature that gain interest from current and potential customers – give it a try, to see what your clients think. Research has shown that customers are much more reactive to flipbooks than flat pages of PDF files.
  • Multi Level Zoom – readers can have the exact view they want with ease, which isn’t always possible with PDF files. Readers love this because they can see things at the size that they want to.
  • Mobile friendly – with the majority of online research being done using a mobile phone, having a method that works well with this technology is a great way to reach more people.
  • Easy download and print function – if one of your readers wants to keep your flipbook with them, there are a number of really simple ways to do this. Of course, this may be something that you like for yourself too.
  • Language – readers can also choose what language they read the flipbook in, allowing you to target a worldwide audience.
  • Google Analytics – you can find out just how many people are looking at your material, and from where, giving you a much better idea of who you should be marketing to.

You can use the free version of the site, which includes all of the features listed above – plus the ability to upload as many flipbooks with as many pages as you like – or you can try out the upgraded version of our site, which offers you even more. There is a free trial available, so you can try before you buy.